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Roy Petersen  Viet Nam Combat Veteran Student of Mark Mikita, Fightology Martial Arts“I started as a student with Mark Mikita in ’86. I’d already had Golden Gloves boxing, full-contact Kung Fu and Aikido down well enough that, at that time, I was a bodyguard in Hollywood for several film stars (including Steven Seagal). Coming from Chicago, the psychological aspect was deeply ingrained early on… Mark carved it deeper. The mental is way more important than the rest and Mark taught me how to test myself in reality to gauge my progress. Knife fighting, improvised field-expedient weapons, sentry neutralization, close-quarter termination – Mark fine-tuned my personal style (dealing death in the dark using senses most folks don’t even know they have) with his multi-dimensional approach to training one on one.

In ’92, I moved into his school for a six-week intensive, some days training 8-10 hours straight, to prepare myself for the following next ten years of deep cover work in Latin America. Thanks to Mark’s uncensored, mission-specialized training, I survived two lethal knife contests while there… the other fellows didn’t.

I started out as a Nam Marine grunt, then went Force Recon as a team leader in the badlands of Khe Son, Con Tien, the DMZ and the A Shua Valley. Later, I joined Army Special Forces Airborne, then contracted out to some Italian and Chinese groups finally landing in Hollywood. Next was twelve years south of the border… no Miranda Rights read to the bad boys.

I’ve just returned from two contracts in Iraq, the last one in the Battle of Fallujah.

What’s my point? If you ever dream of being as serious as me… Mark is the man to train you. I bet my life on him and I have now for 20+ years!”

Roy Petersen
Highly Decorated Vietnam Combat Veteran
Founder & CEO of Recon Security Consultants

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