Burton Richardson – JKD Instructor

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Burton Richardson Jeet Kune Do Student of Mark Mikita, Fightology“Some people become outstanding martial artists because they were born with a talent for the fighting arts. Some people excel because they have a passion for the arts, while others make great achievements through a tireless work ethic.

It is exceedingly rare to find a person who embodies all three of these traits, as does my martial arts brother, Mark Mikita.

Mark’s physical and intellectual talent alone would’ve taken him to the top, but his extraordinary skill and understanding come from that rare mix of talent, passion and massive amounts of training. If you have the chance to train with him, do it.

He has a brilliant mind, a critical eye and an honest tongue, not to mention an amazing breadth of knowledge, and the prowess to go with it.

Touch hands with him and you will be inspired, as was I, to be your best.”

Burton Richardson
Jeet Kune Do Unlimited
Longtime Private Student and Training Partner of Mark Mikita

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