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sigexploIn an article Mark wrote for Inside Kung Fu a few years ago, he warned martial artists about complacency, saying that they were bound to become victims of anything they omitted from their training.

As a perfect case in point, the UFC (and the Gracie family in particular) ushered in a new respect and appreciation for taking a realistic and comprehensive approach to training – including at least some measure of functional ground fighting.

Thus, it seems incongruous that most martial artists still don’t explore and train with firearms. In this school, we take a very serious look at the combative use of handguns, rifles, shotguns and sub-machine guns. We also have an arsenal of inert firearms we use to train disarms, and yes, you can disarm someone who is armed with a firearm.

The way we look at it, if it comes down to a choice between just standing there and dying or trying to survive, we’ll take the latter.



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