MMA – Mixed Martial Arts

MMA – Mixed Martial Arts

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Respectfully ignoring the once-sacred boundaries of traditional styles, Mark was actively blending the most effective arts together 20 years before the term and idea of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) came into vogue. Even so, he quickly embraced the new term as being — at long last — a plain-English way to refer to the hybrid system he has been teaching all along. There is a crucial difference, however, between the revolutionary new sport — of which Mark is a fan — and his street-oriented brand of MMA…

After all, no matter how brutal it gets, absent the presence of weapons and the element of surprise, not to mention the decidedly unsportsmanlike use of finger locks, fishhooks and teeth, sport fighting is really just very hard “sparring.” Now, that is certainly not to say that a seasoned MMA competitor would be incapable of defending his life or the life of another in a real-world situation. But training to compete in an athletic contest — with rules, referees and EMTs in place to protect you — is clearly different from training to put down an undoubtedly armed psychopath hellbent on mayhem, murder or martyrdom.

Mark’s unapologetically vicious approach puts eye gouges, throat strikes, groin kicks and head butts high on the students’ to-do list. In other words, he emphasizes the problem-solving utility of battle-proven martial arts over the often-touted philosophical meanderings of neutered martial “ways” that have either lost or deliberately filed off their combative edge. His school’s constantly evolving curriculum encompasses about 80% stand-up and 20% ground-fighting technology, with the use of weapons included across the board.

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