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Den Bradshaw Team Building & Corporate Training Facilitator“As a long-time practitioner of the Martial Arts, friends often ask me who I think is the “best” martial artist I’ve ever seen…

For me there is no hesitation.

There isn’t a superlative strong enough to describe Mark Mikita as a Martial Artist.

Mark is singular in both the breadth and depth of his knowledge. He’s dedicated his life to the pursuit of real-world knowledge and skill in scores of vastly different martial arts. And he doesn’t study anything half-assed… Mark dedicates himself with the laser-like focus and tenacity of a wolverine with a fresh kill.

I would like to say that Mark has forgotten more martial arts techniques in 30 years than anyone I know has learned… But the truth is that man never forgets a thing. He is a walking encyclopedia of martial arts.

But, like a true practitioner, Mark’s knowledge has been gathered and honed toward a purpose. He keeps only the most effective aspects, principles and techniques from each art he studies, and has fused them into a supremely adaptable and effective system.

Some can teach but can not do… Some can do, but can not teach. Mark Mikita is not only the best, scariest, most bad-ass martial artist I’ve ever seen…

He is also a phenomenal instructor.

Mark can see the art through his students’ eyes, and is able to deconstruct complicated techniques in ways that even a beginner can understand and apply immediately.

Whether you are new to Martial Arts, or are already a veteran instructor, if you want to get your fighting skills to the next level, and work with the very best, Mark Mikita is your man.”

Den Bradshaw
Corporate Trainer & Facilitator
Team TuneUp Team Building & Developmental Training
20+ Year Student of Mark Mikita

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