Free Carradine – Son of David Carradine

By April 28, 2011 2 Comments

Free Carradine student of Mark Mikita and Fightology Martial ArtsDavid Carradine was my father. Kwai Chang Caine, Grasshopper, Snatch the pebble from my hand… along with Bruce Lee, my dad’s iconic characterization of the deadly yet peace loving Shaolin priest wandering the Old West in the original Kung Fu television series sparked the Kung Fu craze and inspired a generation.

Like so many others back then, I too set out to find a masterful teacher who fully embodied that warrior-sage ideal, at least as much as any fallible, non-fiction human being could… but who would’ve ever thought that I would actually find one, in LA no less?

His name is Mark Mikita… and now you have found him too.

Free Carradine
16 year student of Mark Mikita
Son of David Carradine & Barbara Hershey

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