Guy Grundy – Professional Body Builder

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Guy Grundy professional Australian body builder, student of Mark Mikita Fightology
“As a professional athlete, I’ve worked with many top-level trainers and coaches but no one holds a candle to Mark Mikita. He has the ability to clearly explain techniques and core principles so that any person at any level learns and learns fast. And I am a prime example. Unable to read or write until I was 14, I was rightfully labeled a slow learner and believed it all my life. However, within just two weeks of beginning my training with Mark, his approach completely changed the way I see myself.

To illustrate the kind of man he is; most trainers and coaches demand to be addressed by certain titles. When I respectfully asked Mark what he’d like me to call him once I became a student, he looked me in the eye, smiled and said, “How ‘bout you just call me Mark?” He went on to explain his heartfelt belief that every person we meet is inevitably superior to us in some way and should be treated as such.

Mark’s style of teaching is riveting and you really have to stay on your toes, intellectually as well as physically, to keep up with him yet, I’ve never known a teacher to be so friendly and easygoing with his students. He has a great way of providing all the benefits of a classical student-teacher relationship without setting himself apart. Putting it another way, he earns his students’ respect by giving them his and, in so doing, he has helped me to become not only a better fighter but also a better man. There is no higher compliment I can pay him.”

Guy Grundy
Professional Bodybuilder

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