Ian Armstrong MD – Neurosurgeon

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Ian Armstrong, Neurosurgeon California Spine Institute, Student of Mark Mikita / Fightology Martial Arts“After many years of doing sport martial arts, I started training with Mark Mikita in 2001 and was immediately put to work retooling the way I thought about personal combat and self-defense.

As a neurosurgeon and neuroscientist, I have been both a student and a teacher of science and medicine for most of my life and I can honestly say that Mark is one of the finest teachers I have ever worked with, in any arena.

He is a veritable lexicon of martial arts knowledge with an understanding of history, anatomy, biomechanics and human nature that truly sets him apart. In fact, Mark’s knowledge of functional medical anatomy surpasses that of most of my medical colleagues.

As a teacher, he goes to great lengths to custom-design a curriculum to suit the needs of the individual student. For example, as a neurosurgeon, it’s very important to me to keep my hands, my fine motor skills and my cognitive abilities intact. Mark not only puts me completely at ease with regard to those concerns in training but also teaches me how to protect those assets in actual combat without suffering a deficit in my ability to put serious hurt on anyone who would do me or my family harm.

Mark teaches everything from vicious bare-knuckle boxing spiked with elbows to the eye sockets, head butts and guillotine chokes to jungle warfare with fire-hardened sticks and big, sharp knives, yet he doesn’t attract Neanderthals looking to earn street cred through assault and battery, as one might expect. He is a thinking man’s martial arts teacher with a rare and refreshing penchant for honor and integrity.

He turns away more students than he accepts and the ones he accepts invariably end up training with him for years, if not decades, and that says a lot more than my words here can convey.

I feel privileged to be his student and I am pleased to call him my friend.”

Ian Armstrong MD
Founder & Medical Director of the Southern California Spine Institute
Former Chief of Neurosurgery, Century City Hospital, Los Angeles
10 Year Student of Mark Mikita

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