Group Classes

$250 per month – (1-Year Term Membership)

*Month-To-Month Memberships (as opposed to Term Memberships) are also available at $300 per month. Prospective students may begin with a Month-To-Month Membership to ‘try it out’ for a time and then ‘convert’ to a Term Membership to save $50 per month. Note: there is a 60-day Cancellation Policy on Month-To-Month Memberships.

Service Fee Payments
To make an immediate payment (for seminars or single private lessons), use the ‘Add To Cart’ button below. After clicking the button, you will have the option to select the number of $10 increments to pay (e.g., $100 = 10 x $10).

Note: Membership Agreement payments must be made through Member Solutions (via Direct Debit). Please contact Mark if you’re unclear on this.